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Humankind has been producing olive oil for more than six thousand years, but it was only in the past hundred years that it has spread throughout the world. For this reason, today we find more information about its nutritional properties and benefits as a functional food than about its endless uses. Whether pure, virgin, or extra virgin, coupage or monovarietal, with denomination of origin, of higher or lower quality, all olive oils have their own use, form of conservation, sensory characteristic and physicochemical composition. The only way to sample this wide variety of olive oils is by tasting it. Estilo Gourmet, a reference in the education and dissemination of olive oil culture in Rio de Janeiro, provides classes, talks, and workshops for the enthusiast and for companies, including tasting and olive oil pairing.



OLIVE OIL LIST | Our expert creates olive oil lists for restaurants and food businesses and provides consulting services on the selection of the most cost-effective and adequate label to the client’s aim.

RETAIL AND WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS | Mapping of production areas in Brazil and abroad, with quality control at the origin and in the distribution.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT | Blending and classification of varietal, organic, and biodynamic olive oils for the Brazilian market.

PRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES | Consulting services for Brazilian and foreign producers, supervising the entire production chain, from cultivation to storage.

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