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Marcelo Scofano is an olive oil expert, with a Master’s in Olive Oil Technology from the Institute for Agrarian and Fishing Education and Research (Instituto de Formación e Investigación Agraria e Pesquera-IFAPA) at Cabra, province of Jaén, Andalusia, Spain. He is also a Panel Head trained by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment of Spain, and works as a gastronomy instructor at SENAC Rio, where he coordinates technical research in culinary innovation and the use of olive oil. Marcelo works to disseminate the culture of olive oil, this ancestral food of rich and varied uses still little known in many countries. In his consulting services for restaurants, he suggests olive oil food pairings and creates olive oil lists. He also gives introductory talks using carefully paired preparations for all those interested in improving their knowledge and expanding their sensory universe through the unique experience of tasting, which revives their personal relationship with food.

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